A Day in Ko Lanta

Our days here consists of getting up, working on our balcony (well me anyways) then when it gets hotter going for a swim in the ocean. We then go for breakfast at a restaurant which costs around ฿240 total (8.90 CAD) which will be a full breakfast that includes orange juice and coffee.

At some point I will then go and pick up dinner and usually some sodas. A large can of coke costs ฿15 (0.56 CAD) and a Smirnoff ice costs ฿58 (2.16 CAD). If we get a pizza it costs ฿280 (10.43 CAD) but that is pretty expensive, however, we can get sit down meals for a bit less than that for both of us at ฿240 if we eat Thai Food like stir-fried chicken with cashews.

Our street has very little motor traffic, it is mostly foreigners roaming. They are pretty quiet during the day because of the heat but come to life in the afternoon. The streets are lined with restaurants, tour booking places, and there are also some diving places (we are considering getting certified).

It is very chill and we have decided that we are going to stay here for another month until the 22nd of next month. We are living at a resort (serviced daily) and I managed to negotiate us a monthly rate to the point that the mother (it is family owned) told me not to tell anyone. Our visa expires on the 26th unless we get a 30 day extension in Krabbi. Working on your laptop with the background noise being water from the ocean is pretty unique.

To have our laundry done and delivered to us folded, costs us around ฿130 total (4.87 CAD). Excluding our rent, our average cost of living here, eating out twice a day, is around $30 CAD / day.

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