Monkey Boat Tour

On Saturday we woke up ready to head out on a half day tour and were informed by our hotel that the particular tour we wanted to do wasn’t available in the afternoon. So on a whim we headed out from our hotel and hit up one of the travel agencies to see if they had anything available for the afternoon. The travel agent said he had something and so we decided, with nothing better to do, we would do it. After a quick breakfast at one of our common places, we boarded a truck to go do a tour we knew almost nothing about.

Carolina looking out at the jungle in Ko Lanta

We were in the truck 15-20 minutes before coming to a stop. We got off the truck and there was some confusion about where we were supposed to go but we were ushered to a small a structure and told to wait. After I purchased an ice cream that started to evaporate immediately in the heat, someone eventually came and got us and we followed them to a boat where there was another couple besides ourselves. The long boat took off and after some winding jungle it broke out into some open water where we had some amazing views of other nearby islands.

One of our views from the boat

The boat soon took a turn and the boat driver informed us that we were entering the mangrove forest. The ride up until this point had been interesting, in addition to the views we saw eagles and other varieties of birds but we would soon discover that this was not the main event.

Our boat entering a narrow channel in the mangrove forest

As the boat made its way down the channel, the boat rider pointed at a monkey in a tree and this happened.

We were all pretty startled as the monkey jumped on to the boat. The boat driver assured us that the monkey was not dangerous. He gave the monkey some pineapple and the monkey stayed on the boat as we continued down the channel. The monkey was adorable, and then it pooped on the side of the boat. The driver quickly grabbed a branch and knocked the poo off the boat.

The monkey chilling on our boat eating pineapple.

The monkey eventually disembarked and we were pretty happy with the experience despite the poop. We were not even aware that we would be interacting with animals so we thought we had already got our money’s worth. However, it wasn’t actually over yet. As the boat took a turn we came up beside another boat and our boat was quickly boarded by an entire family of monkeys!

Our boat driver feeding the monkey family

These monkeys were very comfortable with humans because they were fed every day. One baby monkey had no fear walking across my legs. Once all the monkeys had their fill we were back on our way to where we had left from. We stopped for about 20 minutes at a fish farm then we headed back to a truck and headed towards a gypsy town.

The truck driver stopped only for 20 minutes and just told us a direction to walk. The situation was a little odd. The locals weren’t exactly pleased to see us there and it really was just where they lived. However, we did find a little shore that had some amazing photo opportunities.

Carolina grabbing a shot at the gypsy town shore

From there we met back up with our truck and headed to old town. We hadn’t been to old town at this point, so it was nice that it was included in the tour. It was very clean and quaint. We grabbed some food and then headed back to the truck to head back home.

This was a great half day trip and we both would highly recommend it to any one visiting Ko Lanta. Interacting with the monkeys was a very unique experience.

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