About Us

Hello, and welcome! Inspire Nomads is an inspiration resource for those wanting to break free from the monotony of the every day rat race, as well as a place for us, Carolina and Jonathan, to share our stories, experiences and observations about living and working nomadically around the world with our family and friends. We are so happy and honoured that you’ve stopped by to view our videos, read our posts and hope you’ll be inspired to take the steps you need to live a life of your own design, on your terms.

We invite you to join us as we travel, eat, and most importantly, get to work changing perceptions of what is and isn’t possible while working full-time.

Meet your Nomads

We left Canada from Toronto on October 2nd 2015, Carolina’s 28th birthday. We caught our flight from Toronto’s Pearson airport to Dublin International after a 6 hour over night flight. That was the beginning of our travel story, but that’s not where this story starts.

In a Myspace profile long, long ago…

Carolina and Jonathan at a pub in Ironbridge, UK, Sept 2015

We met thanks to a mutual friend on Myspace in 2005. We started dating in 2007 while Carolina was studying in university. Then we moved to the Toronto area while Carolina was doing post-grad schooling in 2011. Then to Toronto’s Liberty Village neighbourhood in 2014 and 2015. I guess you could say it’s serious.


Basically we’ve been following Carolina around for a while. Then one day Jonathan said, “Hey, what if we could travel and work at the same time?” and then Carolina said “…That’s actually a thing – they’re called Digital Nomads, I read about it on reddit” as Carolina was face first eating a delivery pizza by herself. Two months later Jonathan turned to Carolina and said “When your work contract is completed, we’re going to travel the world.”

And like that, we kicked off a planning spree which included a job change, selling everything we owned, getting our finances in order, and ultimately made a plan and stuck with it until we finally made it on that first one-way plane ride. Carolina fully attributes and credits Jonathan as the reason we’re traveling and having such a great time. Now it’s time to pay it forward.

About Jonathan

Jonathan in Largs, Scotland

Jonathan is from Canada and initially started as a freelancer for video production, and web development before starting his own company 52 Stairs Studio Inc with his business partner Daniel Plarina. Together they created the website ScribbleMaps which quickly became their primary project. They later created another project called MapYourList.

After building a project for his blog Elolight called YourDaysLeft, Jonathan  began thinking about his limited time and put the wheels in motion for living a location independent lifestyle.

Jonathan also provides consulting, and development work to a variety of different tech companies. He also enjoys TLDRs, American Politics, and red wine.

About Carolina

Carolina at the Guinness Storehouse in Dublin, Ireland

Carolina was born in Colombia and grew up in Canada. After 5 years of working in the world of animation and game production a change of scenery was needed and the travel bug bit hard, but she didn’t want to just quit her career progress.

Just after wrapping up her contract she accepted an offer by a tech start-up for a 40 hour/week fully remote position, making more money and with more freedom than ever before and began to go full digital nomad.

Carolina has also worked on AAA gaming titles such as Far Cry 4, kids animated TV shows The Ridonculous RacePAW Patrol and Grojband, and has been building websites since the 90s. Carolina received her B.A. in Visual Arts and Communication, Media and Film from the University of Windsor, and studied post-graduate 3D Computer Animation at Sheridan College. Carolina obsesses over ALL things media. She also enjoys adventure IRL, photography and cinematography.

One thought on “About Us

  1. Hey guys…. love the blog. My wife and I sold up all to be nomads in a VW bus. Cut a very long story short- 2010-2013 in a VW bus – Moved to Mexico in 2015 – Grandchildren brought us back in 2016 – now 2017 — we decided that permanent travelers – non-residents was the way to go. So we are moving outta Canada. Ireland will be our first port of call for several months… and then the world.

    Do you guys have any thoughts or experience with officially becoming non-residents for tax purposes? We have NO ties of any kind here and according to all I am reading on the CRA website – we will be tax free gypsies.

    Mark and Tracey


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